I’m new to your website. What do you offer?

We offer a various of games. and we are looking to extend and grow everyday.

How do I buy a package or Boost?

This is pretty simple. Go to our store page. and find the game or boost you are after. Add the boost to your cart and edit your cart. After that you can checkout and after the payment you may have to contact us with the correct info to your account. and our boosters will start straight away!

What happens if my account gets a ban during the boost?

If your account was banned during the boost. Than you will get a FULL Refund of what you payed to us.

This does not apply if your account was banned before or after the boost!

How big is the chance that I will get banned after or during the boost?

This is a tough subject as this is fully random to the detection system or Developers.

Most of the times this chance is very low.

What Services, Products or Systems do the Boosters use to keep my account safe?

We use a special VPN which provides us with a IP Adresses across the entire world.

Ontop of that we also have a MAC ID Change for every boost done.

What information do you need in order to provide a Boost for me?

To provide a proper and Good Boost experience to You and Your Account.

We need to collect the following Information: Account Username/Email, Account Password and Country of Account Residence.
We also ask you for your First and Last name. Do keep in mind: This is NOT needed. as this is an OPTIONAL question. This is purely for the way you want to be greeted in your emails of the boost.

If you at any time feel you would like to erase any of your information from our Databases. Please Contact us and we will help you!

Also: We at PurpleBoost.com do NOT share any of your information with anyone else. The only person who is able to see the information is the Owner.